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Established in September of 2018, MY ALL, was a little boy's dream turned reality.  

having grown up in Baltimore, MD with a single parent household most of my life I understand the importance of positive role models and how the lack of one can have a long lasting affect on ones life.   I came up with the idea for MY ALL as a young boy, navigating life without a father figure, looking back at my paint and struggles, making a promise that I would never let another young boy experience what I have experienced.  

Fast forward 20 years, and the death of Freddi Gray rocked the city.  It was the tipping point after decades of poor policies and funding, abuse of police power, and corruption the youth in the city screamed out for help, their cries went unheard, in turn, we watched our city burn and destroy itself on national television.  It was then that I knew it was my time to stand up and make a difference, instead of complaining from the sidelines I decided to jump right in and join the fight to save our youth, our city and our society. 

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