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As our 2nd year or programming begins, we are looking to build off the success and momentum that we experienced in our inaugural year. We at MY ALL are going to use it to propel us one step closer to our mission of helping ALL of our ambassadors reach their full potential to achieve their goals. 

With that said, we are looking for assistance to close the tuition gap for MY ALL’s FIRST private high school Student Ambassadors, Marquis Prater and Da’Quan Hazel. Both Student Ambassadors will be furthering their education as freshman at at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, a private Catholic K-12 school in Essex, Maryland. 

Our students have worked extremely hard and diligently all summer long to earn their spots. They’ve put in hours going through our programming, working in their academics, physical fitness and wellness and building their life skills. 

Their hard work and dedication will possibly be derailed because of their families financial situations. We at, MY ALL, are doing everything we can to ensure that our Student Ambassadors will be able to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, but we are limited in how much financial assistance we can provide. 

Our Student Ambassadors future is at risk due to uncontrollable circumstances. This is why we need YOUR help to close the tuition gap! 

All funds raised will be used to cover the remaining tuition balance, so our Student Ambassadors will be able to cover technology and registration fees, uniforms, their personal MacBook(provided by school and mandatory), and more. 

All donations will receive a personalized ‘Thank You’ letter, monthly updates and progress reports, as well as, invitations to school sponsored events where our Ambassadors are participating. 

Thank you for helping make a major difference in the lives of two very special young men. What we do today with these young men will open doors for many mote young men to follow in their footsteps. 

This is an important step in changing the culture of Baltimore and we our love to see you join us in the movement! 

Thank you,

Omar DuPree 

Founder & Executive Director 

Maryland Youth & Adult Leadership & Learning 

MY ALL - Baltimore 

“I can’t B’more without giving MY ALL!”



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With your donations & support MY ALL Ambassadors will be able to participate in a number of different types of programming and services, and we will continue to serve the youth of Baltimore.   We accepte monetary and non-monetary donations in the form of sports equipment, art supplies, musical instruments, books & study materials, writing utensils and stationary, as well as office supplies.  

We are, also, looking for volunteers whom are dedicated to making Baltimore a better place through youth development and intervention.  Please, reach out to us is you want to help our cause!  

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